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Outlaw Dave's Fun Days - Easter weekend

Outlaw Dave's fun day

The idea of having a simple "fun" weekend at Summerland turned out to be a winner. We had a large turn-out of riders from expert to beginner and, with the weather ideal for camping, visitors from Alberta were in for a treat.

We had no official plan for the weekend. Outlaw Dave acted as a Tour guide & was amazed at the performance of not only top Expert Brandon Wince, but also super funny guy Dean Seaman, who went up the Champ line of "Brett's Wall", leaving everybody watching with an open jaw.

We had a number of new guys out, and they all had a blast at this laid-back, fun event. The word is out now for this to become an annual event! Sounds good to me...

Outlaw Dave Rhodes

Guest Editorial

On top of the mountain

Our editorial page [Click Here} has a special item from Outlaw Dave Rhodes, in which he explains "why we ride".   An interesting story...

2014 CMA Championship in Victoria

We've heard from Steve Fracy that this year's CMA championship wil take place in Victoria on September 27 and 28. The trial will take place at the Victoria Motorcycle Club property.

Saskatchewan & Alberta Calendars Added

With the completion of the Alberta and Saskatchewan calendars, we now have a fairly complete listing of Canadian trials events on our calendar page. It's interesting to note that the Saskatchewan listing includes one event in Manitoba, so our sport is being organized across just about the entire country.

Take a look, and if you know of any more events, please let us know...

Click Here to see the calendar page.

Victoria Motorcycle Club Joe Brown Major Trial
April 26 & 27 - ISTC Property, Shawnigan Lake, BC

Click for poster for Joe Brown Major trial
Click for poster and full information

The Victoria Motorcycle Club will present its annual Joe Brown Major Trial at Shawnigan Lake, on the ISTC property, at the southern end of West Shawnigan Lake Road.

Please note that this will be a two-day trial, with the vintage bikes on Saturday and modern bikes on Sunday. This will allow people to ride in both classes.

Steve Fracy is in charge, and sign-up is at 10:00 AM.

CPTA Spring Classic Trial, April 6, Ioco, BC

Intermediate winner Cam Collie
Intermediate winner Cam Collie

The C.P.T.A. Spring Classic trial took place at Ioco, B.C. on April 6, 2014. The sky cleared from the overnight rain to give us a beautiful warm day to play. As you can see from the results, the section difficulty was just about perfect. All the sections were cleanable, so you had to have good nerves and concentrate. Bobby Todosychuk. won the Classic A class with 3 consistent looking loop scores.and Vic Roberts won Classic B with 3 clean loops!

For the full story and complete results, please Click Here.

Victoria Motorcycle Club, Reg Shanks Trial
Results for April 6, 2014 at the VMC Property

Showers were predicted for Sunday, April 6th but the forecasters were wrong, as it was a perfect day to hold this annual event. Thirty-four riders from the local area showed up at the Club's property to test their skills on a well laid-out course. Formerly known at the Novice Trial, which started in 1940, there were ten sections of varying difficulty for the six separate classes.

For the complete story, and the full results, please Click Here.

CPTA March Trial. Ioco, BC. March 16, 2014

From Don Doerksen

CPTA March 2014

The Canada Pacific Trials Association put on the March trial on March 16, 2014. There was light rain pretty much all day, but the temperature was around 8 degrees so it was a good day to be out getting some exercise. The sections seemed to get slipperier as the day went on, so scores did not really go down on most of the 2nd loop cards. The Expert class was won by Alex Walton. That is him in the picture on the rocks in the parking lot at Ioco.

Sportsman class was a close one with Bob Todosychuk just winning over Vince Hacker. Bob was riding a TY250 twinshock, so you know that was a good ride. All the results are HERE.

VMC Les Blow trial on Feb 9, 2014
Report By Rick Kool

The Les Blow Trial, held February 9th on the VMC Property, opened the 2014 VMC trials calendar. With the weather hovering close to freezing, seven classes were required for the 37 riders that came out for this frosty event. Thomas Cordner was impressive with 3 points and 27 cleans in the Expert class. In the largest class of the day (the senior Intermedite class), Steve Fracy (on his '82 twin shock Fantic) and Kevin Couves were head to head with 1 point (29 cleans) each. Eleven-year-old Nik Ferguson continued his winning streak beating out Rick Kool by one clean and one point in the Junior class.

The full results can be seen HERE.

National Championship Dates Announced

The dates for the national championship rounds have been announced by the WTC.

This year, in an effort to reduce the amount of travel involved, there will be two separate championship series. The series for the Eastern national championship will take pace in Quebec, and the series for the Western national championship will take place in BC.

The dates are as follows:
Eastern Round 1   June 7   Morin Heights, QC
Eastern Round 2   June 8   Morin Heights, QC
Western Round 1   June 28   Revelstoke, BC
Western Round 2   June 29   Revelstoke, BC

Both the Eastern and Western series will take place on resort properties, where spectator facilities will be outstanding.

Please see Outlaw Dave's note about the western series on our FORUM.

Rick Wells Trial in Victoria, BC on Dec 1st
Thomas Cordner takes Expert win

Forty riders, including a group of 3 to 6 year-olds

beginners at the 2013 VMC Rick Wells Trial
Four young riders (ages 3-6 ) attacked five beginner sections at the Rick Wells Trial while being followed by a mob of parents and grandparents

The Rick Wells Trial was held on Sunday Dec. 1st at the Victoria Motorcycle property, finishing off the schedule of VMC trials events for 2013.

Full results of the trial can be seen HERE.

40 riders challenged themselves in the greasy conditions, some of the sections deteriorated quite a bit as the day went on.

Everyone was smiling at the end of day and there were some great rides turned in.

The next generation was evident with Raquel, Quinn and Hannah Cottier competing with Kuba Hotovy on their small wheel trials bikes in the Beginner category. These kids range from 3-6 years old.

11 year old Nik Ferguson edged out 13 year old Eddie Graham by one point to top honours in the Junior division.

The largest class of the day was Sr Intermediate, first place went to Steve Fracy on his 1982 Fantic 200cc twinshock with some excellent rides including a clean last loop! We forgot to mention to Steve that his old twin-shock bike was at a disadvantage, prior to the start!

Thanks to the Committee: Hugh Williams, Sean Millard, Mike Cubbon. Helpers: Burke Piatrofski, Don Venn, Neil Rich, Brad Adams, Derek & Brutus Newman, Ryhs Hatheway amd Jordan McFarlane. Sign-up & Scorekeeping: Steve & Shane Kolarich with Susan Fair.

Nova Scotia Trial on November 3, 2013

Nova Scotia Trial on November 3rd

The full results (and pictures) of the Nova Scotia Trial on November 3rd can be seen HERE, on our forum.

Ricky Styles Wins Adrian Brown Trial in BC
Stan Bakgaard tops at the Halloween Trial

October 26 & 27, 2013

Stan Bakgaard at the Adrian Brown Memorial Trial
Stan Bakgaard

The annual Ady Brown Memorial Trial took place up on the mountainside above Scotch Creek (BC) last weekend. On Saturday the Shuswap Trials Riders had arranged a Halloween Trial over the same interesting loop, featuring a total of 19 sections for all classes.

The low valley cloud kept the temperatures cold and damp, but everybody had a great time. Stan Bakgaard (Sherco) took the Expert win on Saturday... [click here for the rest of the story, and the full results for both days].

ECTA Trial at Lion's Head, ON. Oct 20, 2013

The expert winner at Lion's Head (ON) on October 20th was Mike Feiner. Full results can be seen HERE.

Steve Foord -- Undisputed 2013 Alberta Champ

In Alberta, the WTC-associated ATRA (Alberta Trials Riders Association) represents most of the trials riders throughout the province. But there is also a group of riders in Calgary who ride with the CMA-affiliated 2nd Gear Club.

The ATRA decided to invite the 2nd Gear riders to join them for an all-Alberta championship series, open to all trials riders in the province. The ATRA sanctioned the events through the WTC, and four rounds were held over two weekends in October.

In the Expert category, ex-national WTC champ Steve Foord took first place in three of the four events, wrapping up the championship quite decidedly.

The full results can be seen HERE.

ATAQ season wraps up in Québec

The 9th and last round of ATAQ's 2013 season occured last weekend (October 13). The round was won by Julien Tessariol, an S1 level rider from France who is living in Québec for a while.

Overall champion in the expert class is Paul-Yvan Bélanger, followed by his two sons, Michel and Félix.

The final standing for Québec can be seen by clicking HERE.

St George (ON) Trial, Oct 6, 2013

Jordon Szoke was the top (and only) expert at the recent ATA trial at St George, Ontario.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Thanks for the Results

Thanks to all the people who've passed along trials results. To let me know the results of your trials, please contact me at


Bob Johns, Editor