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National Championship (East) at La Tuque, Québec
Michel Bélanger clear winner of both rounds
Bélanger repeats for the National (East) WTC crown

The two rounds of the National Championship (East) took place at La Tuque, Québec on May 21 and 22, organized by ATAQ.

The Bélanger name appears more then once in the results, with the first three expert places on both days (and thus the overall results) showing Michel Bélanger, Brian Wojnarowski and Paul-Yvan Bélanger as first, second and third. The Junior results show Axèle Fortin Bélanger as the winner of both rounds, and thus the national champion (East) in the junior class.

The full results for all classes can be seen HERE for day one, and HERE for day two of the championships.

BC and Québec Trials Championships heat up
Tight race for second and third place in BC

With a number of WTC-sanctioned trials completed this year, it's possible to take a look at some of the standings for the WTC provincial championships.

Brandon Wince has a commanding lead for the BC trials championship in the expert class, so far this year. The race for second place, between Sean Bird and Sam King, appears to be a lot tighter.

In Québec, Michel Bélanger continues to lead the pack in the expert class.

The provincial chasmpionships in Alberta and Nova Scotia have completed only one round each, to date, so results will be published as more rounds take place.

Here are the BC and Québec expert standings, to date:


Name          Squid  Outlaw  Total  Place

Brandon Wince  30     30      60     1
Sean Bird      21     21      42     2
Sam King       16     25      41     3
Steve Day      18     16      34     4
Alex Walton    25      -      25     5
Stan Bakgaard   -     18      18     6
Ben Pospisil    -     16      16     7
Name               Round 1  Round 2  total  Place

Michel Bélanger        30    30       60     1
Brian Wojnarowski      25    25       50     2
Paul-Yvan Bélanger     21    21       42     3
Brandon Cambaceri      18    18       36     4

Outlaw Trial at Scotch Creek, BC on May 21 & 22
Brandon Wince takes expert win

Outlaw vintage
A picture from the weekend's Outlaw Vintage Trial

The Outlaw Trial at Scotch Creek, BC was organized by the Shuswap Riders on May 21 and 22, 2016.

This was the second trial in this WTC-sanctioned series, following the successful event organized by the CPTA at Ioco, BC on April 17.

It turned out to be a wet weekend in the Shuswap area, but the trial was enjoyed by the modern, vintage and youth competitors. The winner (once again) of the modern experts was Brandon Wince.

For the full story and complete results, click HERE.

Trial at Oshwekin, ON cancelled

The CMA has announced that the trial scheduled for June 5 at Oshweken, Ontario has been cancelled. No new date has been announced.

CPTA Squamish Trial, May 15, 2016
Alex Walton takes Expert win

Story from Don Doerksen, Pictures by Dale Coull

Sean Bird at Squamish on May 15
Sean Bird at Squamish on May 15

Matt Fracy at Squamish
The CPTA's 2016 Squamish Trial was held in Squamish, B.C. on May 15.

The riders were treated to perfect spring weather which was dry and not too warm. The Experts had ten very challenging sections on large granite slabs with dry moss in places. Alex Walton had two consistent loops to easily take the Expert win.

Andrew Allen and Ted McDowall took the Advanced and Senior 45 classes with low scores that belied the "interesting" sections laid out for them. The tightest scores of the day were in Sportsman and Intermediate classes. Bob Clark and Bob Todosychuk were tied on two points each and had to be separated by who went furthest clean in the Sportsman class. Then Roy Anderson and Ted Blow had to go to "ones" to separate them for third place.

AJ Taylor won the Intermediate class by two points over Steve Foreman but third place had three people tied on 14 points, with Jason Miller taking third by two cleans.

The full results can be seen HERE.

ATRA Trial at Blackfoot Park, Calgary on May 1st

Tino Marin at Calgary, AB, May 1
Tino Marin at Calgary, AB, May 1

Story and Pictures by Outlaw Dave Rhodes

Alberta's season-opener ATRA Trial, sanctioned by the WTC, was held at Blackfoot Park in Calgary on Sunday May 1st, in what turned out to be very warm temperatures. In fact, most riders and spectators got quite a sun burn.

With only the enduro-cross area to work with, the Pospisil family still managed to come up with some very tricky, stadium-style sections, which took points from all the riders, including the Expert winner, Tino Marin -- although his solitary dab was perhaps more of a lapse of concentration, as he had no trouble cleaning 17 of the 18 sections, riding the Outlaw Beta Evo 200. Runner-up Ben Pospisil (Beta) tallied a score of 35 points.

For the full report, please HERE.

CPTA Outlaw - Team Squid Trial on April 17
Good entry for Ioco (BC) trial

From Don Doerksen

Brandon Wince on his way to winning the Outlaw trial
Brandon Wince on his way to winning the Outlaw trial

The Squid Trial, sanctioned by the WTC and sponsored by Outlaw Accessories, took Place on Sunday April 17, 2016 at Ioco, B.C. It felt like summer had come early this year, as it was a very warm and sunny day.

The Advanced-Expert loop was 19 sections, ridden twice. Some of the sections were quite challenging. It was very close in the Expert class, with only two points separating the winner, Brandon Wince, from runner-up Alex Walton. In Advanced class, Todd Nordin was only three points better than Ricky Styles.

Ten riders showed up for the Senior 45 class and it was not a close result there. Dave Nunn was 20 points better than second place. The sportsman class had twelve riders, and Bob Clark made it look easy with two clean loops and one five to complete the day. Koltan Morrison and Sawyer Collie handily won the Intermediate and Junior classes.

It was back to being a tight contest in the Vintage class where Vic Roberts claimed the win by three points. A total of fifty riders showed up, including from the BC interior and Vancouver Island, for a great day of riding and a good start for the Outlaw series.

Full results can be seen HERE.

CPTA Spring Classic trial at Ioco, BC

From Don Doerksen

Robert Trottier at the CPTA Spring Classic
Robert Trottier at the CPTA Spring Classic

The CPTA hosted the 2016 Spring Classic trial on April 3rd at Ioco. It was a perfect sunny day and Guy Smeeth and his daughters did a great job of making it interesting, but not too hard. In Classic A, Greg Patrick was well in the lead after two loops but had a horrible third loop and came second behind the "Old Pro" Bob Todosychuk. Dave Bloxham had a great day on the Majesty with single digit loop scores to take Classic B by a wide margin. Cam Collie rode with the Sportsmen and got half the score of his nearest competitor and Cam's son Sawyer had a tight battle in Junior to take 2nd place. Jason Miller took Junior with his 1st loop being the only clean loop recorded on the day.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Ron Walsh at the CPTA Spring Classic
Ron Walsh at the CPTA Spring Classic

VMC Mini Scott trial, Shawnigan Lake, April 3, 2016
Brandon Volk wins trial and sets fastest time

The Mini-Scott Trial, revived by Dave Fair a couple of years ago, was held at the ISTC property in West Shawnigan on April 03, 2016. Fashioned after the famous Scott Trial in the UK, 36 riders were treated to a 15 Km single track trail with five riding sections along the loop. The fastest in the Expert class set the pace for that class and riders were also scored on the riding sections. Three loops were ridden by the Experts

Full results can be seen HERE.

FIM North America forms trials committee

The FIM (North America) has recently announced the establishment of a trials committee for the FIM's North American Continental Union. A continental union (CU) is a group made up of the FIM's representative for each country within a continent. The North American CU is, therefore, currently made up of the AMA and the CMA. According to the website of FIM North America, the group's North American Trials Championship in 2016 will take place in Oregon on June 18 and 19, where it will be run along with the first two rounds of the US (NATC) Western championships. Actually, the US championship series is also billed as the NATC (North American Trials Championship), although it has been ten years since any Canadians have featured in the results of the top classes, and I can find no record of any Canadian participation in its organization. It will be interesting to see where this latest development takes us.

CPTA's "TRS Motorcycles Canada" trial
Alex Walton the expert winner on March 20

Alex Walton at the TRS Motorcycles Canada - CPTA trial on March 20, 2016
Alex Walton at the "TRS Motorcycles Canada"
CPTA trial on March 20, 2016 (Dale Coull photo)

Story from Don Doerksen

The TRS trial was put on by the CPTA and sponsored by TRS Motorcycles Canada on March 20, 2016. It was a rainy day at Ioco and some of the sections became very slippery. Alex Walton won the Expert class quite handily as his main competition had a very difficult first lap. Christy Richards has been riding the Expert class in order to get ready for the US Nationals and she had a pretty good ride on a tough day.

The advanced class was given a lesson in what smooth and consistant riding looks like as Kirk McDowall only took 2 points all day. Brandon Schmit did well to finish 3rd with a damaged left footpeg. In Senior 45, Carl Muller was really only troubled by the last section on his way to the class win.

The sections seem to have been very difficult for the Junior and Intermediate riders as some rather large scores were tallied.

Bob Clark won the Sportsman class to give the only TRS motorcycle in Canada its first win. The Juniors elected to ride only one lap and Jason Miller came out on top there. The Vintage riders that often ride the Intermediate sections wisely decided to use Junior lines this time and Greg Patrick purred around to take the win on his Honda Reflex.

The full results can be seen HERE.

VMC Reg Shanks Trials Week - Results
Twin Shock Results Have Now Been Added
Reg Shanks Beginner Trial

The Victoria Motorcycle Club presented its Reg Shanks Beginner Trial and the regular Reg Shanks Trial on March 5th and 6th. The events tooke place at the VMC club property.

The beginners' trial results can be seen HERE.

The main Reg Shanks Trial took place on March 6th. There was an entry of 34 competitors, with Thomas Cordner the expert winner. The full results can be seen HERE.

The Reg Shanks Twin-Shock Trial took place on March 13th. It was a very close result in the "A" category, with Andrew Watson (Fantic) edging Thomas Cordner (Fantic) by one point.

The full results of the twinshock trial can be seen HERE. This event wrapped up the VMC's Reg Shanks trials week -- a week that saw 54 competitors taking part in the week's activities.

CPTA February Trial Results, Ioco, BC
Alex Walton top expert

Pic from the CPTA February trial

The Canada Pacific Trials Association hosted the February Trial on February 21, 2016. It was a nice spring-like day with dry almost sunny weather to start, that turned to windy and rainy for those who were a little slower to finish. Matt Fracy laid out ten sections for the Expert & Advanced riders. Only one section on the expert loop was not cleaned, so the tantalizing possibility for the clean was always there. Alex Walton put in a good first loop score that carried him through for the Expert win.

For more pictures and the full story, click HERE, and for the full resuls, click HERE.

VMC Twin-Shock Trial, Feb 14th in Victoria - Results

Victoria Twinshock Trial

The Les Blow Twin-Shock Trial was run on Valentines Day at the VMC Club's property on Happy Valley Road in Metchosin, BC. Fourteen riders entered using a variety of older twin shock machines - some in pristine condition while others had a few battle scars. Organized by Dave Fair, the event consisted of ten well layed out sections designed to test the fundamental skills of the riders.

Hank Lovett won the event on his trusty Honda. Full results can be seen HERE.

2015 Results moved to 'Latest Results' page

All the trials results from the year 2015 which were detailed here on this main page of our website have now been included on the Latest Results page, and removed from this page.

Date announced for CMA's national trial

The small town of Bengough, Saskatchewan, will host the CMA's national trial on August 20 and 21, according to recent reports.

So there will be national championships right across the country this year, as this event will follow the WTC national championship rounds at La Tuque, Quebec on May 21 and 22, and at Revelstoke, BC on June 25 and 26.

VMC Beginners Trial Results, Feb 6th in Victoria

VMC Beginners Trial, February 2016

The Les Blow Beginner Trial on February 6th saw nine riders in two classes, followed by about 20 family and friends. There was an introductory class of three riders, where score was not kept -- although checkers offered coaching and support. The competitive line had six riders. They still received lots of support from parents and checkers, and learned many new trials skills and rules. Fun was had by all.

The full results can be seen HERE.

VMC Les Blow Trial, Feb 7th in Victoria
Thomas Cordner edges Ryon Bell for Expert win

The annual Les Blow Trial was held on Sunday, February 7th at the VMC club property with 40 riders entered, in addition to the nine small-wheel beginners who had their event on Saturday. Sunny skies prevailed, with dry conditions. The ten sections were ridden three times each in all classes, and everyone seemed to enjoy the challenge.

The full results can be seen HERE.

New Outlaw series dates announced

With the addition of the new date in April for the Squid Trial at the CPTA property at Ioco, BC, the new listing for the 2016 Outlaw series looks like this:

April 17 CPTA at Ioco, BC (Team Squid Outlaw)
May   22 Shuswap Riders, Scotch Cr. (Outlaw Trial)
July  17 ATRA, Rocky Mtn House (Cow Patty Trial)
The 2016 National Championship dates from WTC are given below.
WTC National Championship dates announced

The WTC has announced the dates of the national championship rounds for 2016, along with the dates of the Outlaw Series.

May  21 & 22 National Championship - East
Sept  3 &  4 National Championship - West
The National Championship (East) will be organized by ATAQ, and will be located at La Tuque, Quebec. The National Championship (West) will be organized by Dave Rhodes, and will be located at the Glacier House Resort, at Revelstoke, BC.
Thanks for the Results

Thanks to all the people who've passed along trials results. To let me know the results of your trials, please contact me at


Bob Johns, Editor