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Trials News

Rick Wells Trial, Victoria, BC on Nov 16th
Andrew Watson wins with clean sheet

Forty riders enjoyed a sunny day at the Victoria Motorcycle Club's property on Sunday, November 16th.

The results show that Andrew Watson won the expert class without dropping a single point during the day. Second place went to Thomas Cordner.

The full results and write-up can be seen HERE.

Results of the VMC Lohrmann Trial, Oct 26, 2014
Thomas Cordner wins expert class

It was a wet day in Victoria for the annual Lohrmann trial, with 23 hardy individuals enjoyng three loops of the ten-section trial.

The expert winner was Thomas Cordner, followed by Will Duggan and Andrew Watson. Full results can be seen HERE.

Nova Scotia Trial on October 19th

The recent Nova Scotia trial was another succesful event, with eleven riders taking part. It was only a short while ago that Michael Traves got the sport re-started in the Maritimes.

A lot of credit goes to Michael Traves and the rest of his group of hard-working organizers on the east coast.

Adrian Brown Memorial Trial Results
October 12, 2014 at Okanagan Falls, BC

Adrian Brown Trial, 2014

The Ady Brown Trial has now been going for a number of years as a memorial to Adrian, who passed away from Cancer at age fifty-one.

One competitor who has attended and won all but one event is Kelowna Beta rider Brandon Wince. And he did it again on Sunday, October 12th, at the new trials venue at OK Falls.

For more details and results, please CLICK HERE.

ATA Trial at St George, ON. October 5, 2014, Results

The official results are available for the ATA Trial at St George, ON, which was held on October 5th, 2014.

The trial was won by Jordan Szoke, on his return to competition following his earlier trials injury. Second place went to Dan Johnson.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Thomas Cordner wins CMA's National title

The CMA's national championship trial was held at the Victoria Motorcycle Club's property on the weekend of September 26 and 27.

The trial attracted an entry of 33 riders on the first day, and 38 on the second day. Although the compeitors came largely from BC, the entry-list was enhanced with four out-of-province riders, who made the trip to BC for the trial.

Thomas Cordner of BC won the Champ class on both days, securing the CMA title for 2014. In fact the finishing order for Champ class was the same both days, with Thomas Cordner, Dan Johnson, Jon English, Alex Walton and Derek Thomas finishing one through five.

The official results for the championship and the supporting classes are give HERE.

We'll have the final official standings here as soon as we receive them.

ATRA Trial at Gwynne, AB. Sept 14, 2014

The weather was pretty much perfect the day of this WTC-sanctioned event, and conditions were fantastic for the day's riding at Gwynne. Jake Cook took the top win in expert, and we saw some really good riding by all.

For full details and results, please CLICK HERE.

Stan Bakgaard wins final trial in 2014 Outlaw Series
Ymir, BC on August 30 & 31

Outlaw Trial, Aug 30 and 31, 2014

The third and final round of the 2014 Outlaw Trials Series was held at the beautiful creek-side property of Pete & Zoe Bustin, in Ymir BC. The WTC-sanctioned event began on Saturday with the vintage bikes, followed by a well-supported kids' class, which proved to be one of the big highlights of the weekend.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Stan Bakgaard takes 2014 Outlaw series

The final standings are now available for the 2014 Outlaw series. Stan Bakgaard took the overall expert win -- for the full results see HERE.

This series continues to be one of the most popular in Canada, with an entry this year of seventy competitors, plus the popular kids' events held at the various trials. The series attracts riders from the east of Alberta, all the way to the west coast, so it's obvious that Outlaw Dave Rhodes knows a thing or two about organizing trials that people want to ride in.

Superstars Trial, Ioco, BC. July 19 & 20, 2014
Brandon Wince wins annual super trial

Brandon wince, Superstars winner

Winner of the Super Stars Trial last weekend, Brandon Wince (Beta) gets his trophy from Christy Williams Richards.

We have not yet received any official results from the recent Superstarts Trial, organized by the Canada Pacific Trials Association. We have heard that the winner of the Champ class was Brandon Wince, and the runner-up was visiiting Australian Sam King.

The two days of the Superstars provides two rounds of the Pacific Northwest Trials Association championships, as well as CPTA club championship points, so it does usually attract an all-star entry from Canada and the United States.

Here's a brief write-up from Outlaw Dave's Facebook page:

At the end of the first lap things were tight at the top, with Team Beta riders, Brandon Wince and Sam King leading the field. But it was the tight time schedule that proved to be the deciding factor, as riders blitzed around the final lap trying to beat the clock. At the end of both days, it was this factor that decided the outcome in the Champ class. Although our Australian visitor had the best score on observation, he was to lose out on the overall results by racking up time penalties. Stan Bakgaard took the Expert win both days, while Bob Clark also did the double in his class. Congratulations to Christy Williams Richards and her team on a superb event.

We'll provide more news as we have it...

Tino Marin wins ATRA Cow Patty Trial
Rocky Mountain House, AB. July 12 & 13, 2014

Tino Marin winning the ATRA Rocky Mountain House Trial

It was a great weekend at the WTC-sanctioned trial, with sunny summer conditions both days of the event.

The setup crew opened a lot of new sections along the creek and in the the wooded area to make for really good variety of sections to ride... [MORE]

Faustino Marin wins Western Canadian Championship
Revelstoke, BC on June 28 & 29 (WTC)

Tino Marin
Tino Marin, the new Canadian Champion (West)

The first ever WTC Western Canadian National Championship was held in Revelstoke, BC on the weekend of June 28 and 29 in almost perfect weather conditions.

Although the rain came down pretty hard on Friday, this didn't effect things too much, as most of the sections were based in two rocky quarries, with a third grassy area used for the middle portion of the event.

The two-day trial featured 13 sections for the Champ class, with 12 for the rest. All classes rode the sections three times both days.

The Champ class looked to be stacked with talent, as we had Tino Marin (the Spanish rider who now lives in Calgary), plus Australian visitor Sam King, and Kelowna rider Brandon Wince, plus Vancouver's Alex Walton [MORE}.

For the full results, along with the supporting classes, please see HERE.

2014 Eastern Canadian National Championship
Morin Heights, Québec on June 7 & 8 (WTC)
Michel Bélanger wins championship
Tom Farr and Félix Bélanger tie for second place

The two rounds of the Eastern championships are complete, and the National Champion (East) is now Michel Bélanger. The full results of each of the two eastern rounds can be see HERE and HERE.

The final standings of the eastern championship for all classes can be seen HERE.

CPTA Beta Trial, Ioco, BC on May 25

Bill Sparks (riding a Beta) took the expert win at the Beta trial at Ioco, BC on May 25th.

A total of thirty-three riders took part in the trial, and the full results are shown HERE.

27th running of the Outlaw Trial
Scotch Creek, BC. May 17, 18 & 19, 2014

from Dave Rhodes

Action at the 2014 Outlaw Trial

The 27th running of the Outlaw Trial took place at Scotch Creek on the May long weekend, with a total of 90 riders attending over the three-day competition.

After two days and a total of 76 sections for the modern bikes, it was Brandon Wince (Beta) who took the overall Expert class with just 38 points - 2nd was Stan Bakgaard (Sherco) with 67 points, 3rd Steve Day (GG) 123 points.

The report is HERE, and the results are given HERE.

PNTA trial at Victoria Motorcycle Club
Results from May 10 and 11, 2014

The Victoria Motorcycle Club hosted rounds three and four of the Pacific Northwest Trials Association (PNTA) series on the May 10/11 weekend at the club's property on Happy Valley Road. Thirty two competitors each day challenged themselves with dry conditions under sunny skies. Ten separate sections were layed out by Don Venn each day with varying degrees of difficulty for the seven classes of riders from novice to champion.

On Saturday, the winner of the Champ class was Daniel Blanc-Gonnet from Oregon, with BC's Thomas Cordner in second place. On Sunday the positions were reversed, with Cordner taking the win and Blanc-Gonnet in the runner-up position.

Full results can be seen HERE.

Joe Brown Major Trial, Victoria, April 27

Andrew Watson was the expert winner at the annual Joe Brown Major Trial hosted by the Victoria Motorcycle Club at the club's property on April 27, 2014.

Full results and a write-up can be seen HERE.

CPTA Squid Trial, April 27, Ioco, BC
Report from Don Doerksen

Steve Day

April 27,2014 was the day for the CPTA Squid Trial at Ioco, B.C. After a fair bit of overnight rain, the sky stopped dripping and it was a great day for riding if you don't mind searching for traction in the mud! The Expert class had a lot steep rock faces and the picture is of Steve Day flying up one of them. Alex Walton won the Expert class followed closely by Steve Day. Carl Muller won the Senior 45 class by one point and Brett Clark did the same in the Sportsman class.

April 27th Blackfoot Trial Results, Calgary
Report from Rhonda Pechout, 2nd Gear Club

April 27th Blackfoot Trial

The expert winner at the 2nd Gear Club's Blackfoot Trial on April 17 was Tino Martin, with six points lost.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Outlaw Dave's Fun Days - Easter weekend

Outlaw Dave's fun day

The idea of having a simple "fun" weekend at Summerland turned out to be a winner. We had a large turn-out of riders from expert to beginner and, with the weather ideal for camping, visitors from Alberta were in for a treat.

We had no official plan for the weekend. Outlaw Dave acted as a Tour guide & was amazed at the performance of not only top Expert Brandon Wince, but also super funny guy Dean Seaman, who went up the Champ line of "Brett's Wall", leaving everybody watching with an open jaw.

We had a number of new guys out, and they all had a blast at this laid-back, fun event. The word is out now for this to become an annual event! Sounds good to me...

Outlaw Dave Rhodes

CPTA Spring Classic Trial, April 6, Ioco, BC

Intermediate winner Cam Collie
Intermediate winner Cam Collie

The C.P.T.A. Spring Classic trial took place at Ioco, B.C. on April 6, 2014. The sky cleared from the overnight rain to give us a beautiful warm day to play. As you can see from the results, the section difficulty was just about perfect. All the sections were cleanable, so you had to have good nerves and concentrate. Bobby Todosychuk. won the Classic A class with 3 consistent looking loop scores.and Vic Roberts won Classic B with 3 clean loops!

For the full story and complete results, please Click Here.

Victoria Motorcycle Club, Reg Shanks Trial
Results for April 6, 2014 at the VMC Property

Showers were predicted for Sunday, April 6th but the forecasters were wrong, as it was a perfect day to hold this annual event. Thirty-four riders from the local area showed up at the Club's property to test their skills on a well laid-out course. Formerly known at the Novice Trial, which started in 1940, there were ten sections of varying difficulty for the six separate classes.

For the complete story, and the full results, please Click Here.

CPTA March Trial. Ioco, BC. March 16, 2014

From Don Doerksen

CPTA March 2014

The Canada Pacific Trials Association put on the March trial on March 16, 2014. There was light rain pretty much all day, but the temperature was around 8 degrees so it was a good day to be out getting some exercise. The sections seemed to get slipperier as the day went on, so scores did not really go down on most of the 2nd loop cards. The Expert class was won by Alex Walton. That is him in the picture on the rocks in the parking lot at Ioco.

Sportsman class was a close one with Bob Todosychuk just winning over Vince Hacker. Bob was riding a TY250 twinshock, so you know that was a good ride. All the results are HERE.

VMC Les Blow trial on Feb 9, 2014
Report By Rick Kool

The Les Blow Trial, held February 9th on the VMC Property, opened the 2014 VMC trials calendar. With the weather hovering close to freezing, seven classes were required for the 37 riders that came out for this frosty event. Thomas Cordner was impressive with 3 points and 27 cleans in the Expert class. In the largest class of the day (the senior Intermedite class), Steve Fracy (on his '82 twin shock Fantic) and Kevin Couves were head to head with 1 point (29 cleans) each. Eleven-year-old Nik Ferguson continued his winning streak beating out Rick Kool by one clean and one point in the Junior class.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Thanks for the Results

Thanks to all the people who've passed along trials results. To let me know the results of your trials, please contact me at


Bob Johns, Editor