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Victoria day weekend - National Championship and Outlaw weekend in BC

Click here for the Outlaw Trials poster
Click here for the Outlaw Trials poster

Saturday, May 18 will see the 33rd annual Outlaw trial take place at Scotch Creek, BC.

On Sunday, May 19, the 2019 WTC National Champioship (West) will take place.

On Monday, May 20, the annual Outlaw Vintage trial will take place.

The promises to be a wonderful weekend of trials fun in the beautiful Shuswap area of BC. Try not to miss this great event!

Camping is free, and a big camp-out is promised for Saturday night. All the events start at 10:00AM, and the cost is just $20 each. There are no fees for memberships, or for anything else. More details from Outlaw Dave Rhodes, at 250 545-6139.

Joe Brown Trial, June 2, 2019, at Victoria Motorcycle Club

Clcik for poster for Joe Brown trial
Click for a poster for the Joe Brown Major Trial June

Victoria Motorcycle Club will present the Joe Brown Major Trial at Cycle Park (4192 Happy Valley Road in Mechosin) on June 2, 2019.

All classes will be included. The sign-up time is 9:00 AM, and the trial will commence at 10:00 AM. The cost is $30 (just $10 for under-sixteens). The emphasis will be on fun and enjoyable sections. The concession will be provided by Lucky Dog.

2019 Super Stars Trial at Ioco, BC on June 8 and 9

Click for full Superstars info
Click for the full Superstars info package

The Super Stars is coming up again on June 8 and 9. It will be the usual 2 day extravaganza, with limited dry camping (no hookups, no fires) starting on Friday. Each day will be action-packed, so sign-up and riding start early! Sign-up at 8:00 AM, first rider out at 9:00 AM! Trophies will be given out at the end of each day.

On Saturday, the Novice and Junior riders will ride a shorter, easier loop of eight sections, the Intermediate will ride eleven sections. The afternoon riders will also have a smaller number of sections than usual, only ten, on a fun, flowy, five-kilometre loop.

On Sunday there is a shorter, easier loop for both morning and afternoon riders, so that we can finish early-ish and get everyone home.

Both days will be run as "cross check" events, where the Novice, Junior and Intermediate classes compete in the morning while the Advanced, Expert, and Championship classes observe. After a short midday break, the Advanced, Expert and Championship classes ride, while the Novice, Junior and Intermediate classes observe. This is a great schedule that allows everyone some riding and a chance to watch other riders and either give tips or learn some new tricks!

May 5 at Hantsport, NS. First Maritime Trials Riders event of the season.
Owen Patterson wins Advanced, Ron Golden edges Kevin Patterson for 2nd

Report from Michael Traves

What an absolutely amazing day! A huge thanks to Kevin and his helpers.

There were sixteen riders in total, with perfect weather, no bugs, and a great mix of sections with demonstrator bikes to try out; it was any trials rider's dream day.

Here are the scores:

Owen Patterson	18
Ron Golden	34
Kevin Patterson	35
Mike Forsythe	43
Patrick Goguen 	52
Stephen Howland	53

Joel Irving	13
Barry Josey	18
Blake Davison	29
Steve Patterson	44
Adam Cruickshank45
Michael Traves	52
Kelvin Day	DNF

David Mason	4
Marc Cunningham	7
Terry Wilkins	16

Dominique GoguenDNS

First trial of 2019 Outlaw Series at Ioco, BC, on April 28
Alex Walton wins CPTA's Squid Trial for Outlaw lead

Expert winner Alex Walton tops six feet of vertical
Expert winner Alex Walton tops six feet of vertical

Story from Don Doerksen
Photo from Jeff Green

Sunday April 28, 2019 was a good day to be at Ioco, BC for the Squid Trial, sponsored by Outlaw Accessories. This was the first trial in the Outlaw series held each year in BC and Alberta. The weather was perfect (cool at first, but sunny) and the rocks were mostly dry.

Sean Bird laid out very good sections for the Expert and Advanced line which seemed to take just the right amount of points. Alex Walton was the runaway winner in Expert with CPTA club secretary Andrew Allen showing how to ride Advanced. Todd Nordin had a great ride to lead Senior 45 by a healthy margin. Ron Walsh setup the Intermediate and Junior sections with a longer than usual trail ride. The emphasis was on safe and simple sections with just a bit of challenge. The scores looked very reasonable to go with that theme. Bob Clark Just took a few points to win Senior Intermediae, with his brother Brett being the one to beat in Sportsman. Brian Dye led Intermediate all the way and Dave Siefert did not put a foot down all day in Junior.

Spring Classic Trial in BC on April 7th.
Classic bikes featured in Ioco trial

From Don Doerksen

A very nice spring day greeted the riders who came to the 2019 Spring Classic trial on April 7th.

The event was hosted by the CPTA at Ioco and sponsored by Beta Canada. Dave Craig put out 14 sections to be ridden twice. Section difficulty was eased because of rain the previous day and it made for an excellent day to potter around on an old bike.

Bob Todosychuk cleaned the first loop and then took a couple of errant dabs on the second, to win Classic A. Guy Smeeth cleaned the second loop after fixing the problem with the airbox that was shredding the rear tire off of his TY175. He placed 3rd with Bob Clark just beating him on cleans. Classic B looked close with Greg Patrick and Dave Bloxham tied after the first loop. Cleans decided the win in Senior Intermediate as Roy Anderson narrowly beat Ted Blow. Ian Carlson only dropped five points to win Intermediate, while Brett Clark and Michael Pullen won their classes as the only entrants.

Thanks to Dave Craig for a good day's ride, and thanks to Beta Canada for the Sponsorship.

PNTA Trial in Victoria on April 13 & 14
Ryon Bell wins Champ on Day 1, Thomas Cordner on Day 2

Thomas Cordner on a section near the parking lot
Thomas Cordner on a section near the parking lot

The Victoria Motorcycle Club hosted a two day Pacific Northwest Trials Association trial at Cycle Park, the club’s property on Happy Valley Road, on April 13th and 14th. Twenty-five riders signed up the first day to ride in the rain, wind and cold. Ten checks ridden in three separate loops, were laid out with varying degrees of difficulty for the six classes of riders. With the horrible weather, there was only one DNF on the first day.

On the second day, twenty-nine riders signed up to ride ten completely different checks laid out by the enthusiast committee in the same areas as day one. The weather had also softened although there were light showers.

The full results for both days can be seen HERE.

Maritime Riders Announce 2019 Season

The Maritime Trials Riders have announced the proposed schedule for events in 2019. Here are the dates:

May 5         Hantsport, NS
May 26        A group of Maritime Riders will compete at Rivier-Du-Loupe, Quebec
June 16       Falmouth, NS
July          Beaumont, NB
September 15  NSORRA Drive to Ride - Miller Meadow, NS
October 13    To be determined

Victoria Motorcycle Club's Reg Shanks Trial on March 24

Originally known as the Novice Trial, this event was changed in 1979 to honour Reg Shanks, who was considered one of the "fathers" of the club, and to reflect the increase in classes. A new perpetual trophy was made using a keeper trophy that belonged to Reg's brother, Bob Shanks.

A record number (in recent years) of 47 riders showed up at the club's property (Cycle Park) on Happy Valley Road to compete in the various classes. Visitors from Nanaimo and Salt Spring Island were on hand to compliment the entry. The weather was cool until the sun shone, so it was a perfect day for the event.

Ryon Bell won the Expert class with just three points lost. The full results are given HERE.

CPTA's TRS Trial at Ioco, BC on March 17,2019

Steve Day at the 2019 TRS Trial
Steve Day at the 2019 TRS Trial

Story from Don Doerksen
Photo from Jeff Green

A warm and sunny March 17, 2019 greeted Ioco, BC, as the CPTA put on the fourth annual TRS trial. TRS Motorcycles Canada sponsored the event. The 23 riders that showed up to ride enjoyed almost perfect conditions. After the ice and snow of the February trial, this was spring coming four days early.

It looks like it was a long and challenging event for the Intermediate classes, who finished later then the Advanced and Expert classes; it is usually the other way around. Alex Walton easily won Expert and Ted McDowall did the same in Senior 45. Cam Collie held off Sawyer in Advanced, while Bob Clark was the runaway winner in Seniorr Intermediate, and Dave Bloxham dragged out the Majesty to take the top spot in Sportsman.

Thanks from the club to Ted McDowall and Skip Parker for their hard work, and to TRS for the sponsorship.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Victoria Motorcycle Club's Les Blow Trial on March 3, 2019
Thomas Cordner takes first in the Expert category

Picture from the 2019 Les Blow trial
A picture from the 2019 Les Blow trial

Postponed from an earlier date due to snow, the Les Blow Trial was held in glorious sunshine but cool weather at the Club's property on Happy Valley Road. Thirty-six riders plus four small-wheel riders signed up to "enjoy the day." Ten sections with varying degrees of difficulty were laid out for the eight classes of riders from Beginner to Expert.

Thomas Cordner took first place among the experts at the trial.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Trials Demo's at the Nova Scotia Bike Show in Halifax

The Maritime Trials Riders put on three days of indoor trials demo's at the Halifax Motorcycle Show last weekend (March 1,2 & 3). On Sunday Kevin, Owen, Kelvin, Shereef and Michael rode for the 12:00 show, with Patrick and Brett joining in the fun for the 4:00 PM show.

A big thanks to Beta Canada for bringing out two demo bikes; there seems to be plenty of people "thinking about getting a bike", we hope to see some pull the trigger and see some new faces this season.

ATAQ's first trial of the year in Quebec on May 12 & 13 at Riviere du Loup
Nova Scotia riders to visit Quebec for the trial

The first round of the WTC-sanctioned Quebec moto-trials championship will take place at Riviere du Loup, Quebec on May 12 and 13.

Stephen Howland of Beta Canada will be hauling bikes there from Nova Scotia, and will transport bikes for Nova Scotia competitors in the trial.

We're looking forward to hearing about the event...

CPTA Beta Trial at Ioco, BC on Feb 10, 2019

Skip Parker takes a dab in the snow
Skip Parker takes a dab in the snow

Story from Don Doerksen
Picture by Jeff Green

The Beta Trial took place on February 10, 2019 at Ioco, BC. Twenty-five people were hardy enough (or sufficiently desperate) to ride in the sub-zero temperatures. The ground that is usually wet was frozen, so it was like riding on ice in a lot of places. The saving grace was that the rocks still had grip. But that grip disappeared on the thirrd loop, when it started to snow and scores skyrocketed. It was time to get back to the pits and get into the pulled pork and beef that Steve Kemp had over the charcoals.

Alex Walton won the Expert class handily, and Jason Miller topped the Advanced contingent in a tighter contest. Ted McDowall took Senior 45, while Brent Anctil was the first winner in the new Senior Intermediate class. Steve Kemp was the only Junior and he finished with a pretty low score.

Bytown Motorcycle Association - Sportspersons Fun Trial
11:00 AM on May 12, 2019 at Woody's Cycles in Perth, ON

The purpose of this WTC-sanctioned event is to allow trials riders to have a fun "loosen-up" at the beginning of the season. It's also meant to give new riders a look, and to experience a proper trials course and rules. This is not a competition, but score cards will be available for those who want to keep an eye on their own skill level.

There will be a minimum of eight sections connected by marked trails. Each section will have three skill levels marked with color coding. There will be a riders meeting to explain the rules, this is normal procedure.

Small dirt bikes under 250cc will be permitted and encouraged at the discretion of the clerk of the course. Noise level must be observed, also at the discretion of the clerk of the course.

A FUN day for all is intended. Bring hydration and food there is none available at the location. Details on the BMA website at

Date announced for the WTC National Championship (West) and the Outlaw Trial

Dave Rhodes has announced the date of the WTC National Championship (West), along with the ever-popular Outlaw Trial.

Both events will take place on the long weekend in May at Scotch Creek, BC. This will, hopefully, avoid the forest-fire season in the BC Interior. That is that usual weekend for the Outlaw event, unchanged for the past thirty years.

The WTC National event will probably take place on the Saturday, with the ever-popular Outlaw trial on the Sunday, and the possibllity of a vintage trial on the Monday.

The dates for the entire Outlaw Series in 2019 are as follows:
  1  Apr 28   Ioco, BC
  2  May 19  Scotch Creek, BC
  3  August   Rocky Mountain House, AB
  4  Sept 1   Ymir, BC

2018: Trials Recognized as Outlaw Dave inducted into Hall of Fame

Steve Crevier and Dave Rhodes at the Motorcycling Hall of Fame induction
Steve Crevier and Dave Rhodes at the Motorcycling Hall of Fame induction

2018 has been an interesting year for trials, with increasing interest in the sport in the Maritimes, and greater numbers in Ontario with the popularity of the Southwestern Ontario Classic Trials Group, and with the Sleeping Giant group in Northern Ontario.

There have been challenges in some parts of the country, but a good shot in the arm has been the recognition of long-time "Mr Trials" - Outlaw Dave Rhodes. The photo shows Dave at the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies chatting to Steve Crevier. I was lucky enough to see Steve Crevier racing when he was mounted aboard the fabulous Honda RC51 V-twin racing machine - it was a wonderful combination of man and machine.

All Trials Results from 2018 Archived

The 2018 trials reports from this page of the TrialsCanada website have now been archived on the "Results" page of the site.

Go to Latest Trials Results for our archive of the last twelve years of Canadian trials results.

This is the largest collection of Canadian trials results in existance. If you have events that are not reported on this website, then it's probably because nobody has sent a report of the trial to me. If you'd like to see a report of your trial on this site, please contact me at Our Contact Page.

If we receive results from you, then we will publish them to our national (and international) readership. This is the best way to get information out to the Canadian moto-trials public.

Thanks for the Results

Thanks to all the people who've passed along trials results. To let me know the results of your trials, please contact me at


Bob Johns, Editor